Necklet - Triple Layering Clasp With Security Latch


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The same amazing clasp, with even more security for your extra special necklaces! We’ve added a safety latch on top and bottom to give you additional peace of mind when layering your luxury jewelry. Make layering effortless, tangle-free and cut your getting ready time in half by attaching your favorite necklaces to the original magnetic Necklet clasp. With Necklet there is no more clasping and unclasping individual necklaces each time you want to wear them together. Necklaces remain attached to Necklet allowing you to put on and take off your layered looks in a snap. Plated in 18k Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold.
  • Water & Sweat Resistant
  • No more tangled necklaces
  • Clever little design details
  • Easiest way to accessorize
  • Stylish and functional
step 1

Choose three necklaces you want to layer, then decide in which order you want them to lay (see 5 Ways to Layer).

STEP 2  step 2
Keep the magnetic clasp fastened when attaching necklaces to NeckletTM. Start from the bottom and attach each end of the necklace to each side of NeckletTM.


step 3
Pull the magnetic clasp apart once necklaces are attached to NeckletTM. With the necklaces facing out, reach around your neck and click the two sides back together. And go!

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