Necklet Polaroids


Have you participated in this year’s hottest jewelry trend of layering necklaces but then had to deal with the headache of constantly fidgeting with them to stay in place or to keep them from tangling? And then you have to go through that dreaded process again the next time you want to wear a stack. Well not anymore!
The Necklet necklace layering clasp keeps your layers laying perfectly and untangled anywhere and anytime - including in the water and even while sleeping! Tarnish resistant, strong, secure and discreet.


Necklet™ was created to keep layered necklaces just that - layered, not all intertwined and tangled. Necklet also provides ease in taking your layered jewelry on and off - you can now keep your stack together and only have to remove the Necklet as opposed to spending countless minutes reaching behind your neck clasping/unclasping each individual necklace. Designed as a small rectangular piece with three connector rings on each side with the two sides held together securely by a magnet and inlaid prongs. The distance between the rings were intentional and measured to allow the perfect amount of space between chains to keep them from tangling.


The lightweight Necklet™ is a patented magnetic layering clasp made of a lead free, nickel free and zinc alloy free, stainless steel plated in tarnish resistant 18k Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold. Feel free to dive in the pool, break a sweat at the gym, or sleep in your Necklet™. This water and tarnish resistant clasp will become your new BFF. We’ve perfected our Necklet™ over the years to ensure you’d never have to go a day without it. Layered jewels shouldn’t be complicated, make your life easy and stay untangled with Necklet™.

Necklet Polaroids Stay Untangled