Triple Layering Clasp – Stainless Steel


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The Necklet™ is made of stainless steel that encompasses magnets and is then plated in 18k Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold.
  • Water & Sweat Resistant
  • No more tangled necklaces
  • Clever little design details
  • Easiest way to accessorize
  • Stylish and functional
With Necklet there is no more clasping and unclasping individual necklaces each time you put them on or take them off. Necklaces remain attached to Necklet allowing you to put on and take off your layered looks in a snap.
  • Stainless Steel and Gold Plated
  • Lead Free
  • Nickel Free
  • Original Design: The Necklet is the original magnetic layering clasp with inlaid prongs to keep your jewelry safe and secure.
  • Durable & Strong: The magnet in necklet can hold up to 4 pounds of weight.
  • Quality Finish: The Necklet is plated with a water and tarnish resistant material allowing you to sweat and shower in it with no worries.
  • Safe for your skin: Made from Stainless Steel, Necklet is lead and nickel free making it hypo allergenic.
One side of the NECKLET™ is fitted with three spring-ring claps while the other side is fitted with three jump rings, basically the same fastening attachment you’d find on a regular necklace. These attachments hold your necklaces perfectly in place. The distance between the rings is precisely measured to create space between each necklace in order to keep them tangle-free and gorgeous.
step 1

Choose three necklaces you want to layer, then decide in which order you want them to lay (see 5 Ways to Layer).

STEP 2  step 2
Keep the magnetic clasp fastened when attaching necklaces to NeckletTM. Start from the bottom and attach each end of the necklace to each side of NeckletTM.


step 3
Pull the magnetic clasp apart once necklaces are attached to NeckletTM. With the necklaces facing out, reach around your neck and click the two sides back together. And go!
Match The Color To Your Necklace Style
Gold, White gold, or Rose pick whatever color fits your style! The beauty of NeckletTM is being able to organize all your favorite layering combinations. pick your color necklet

TOTALLY prevent tangles...
I got 2 and I have to say, so far I LOVE them. They TOTALLY prevet tangles and the magnet clasps are perfect. I want to know when exactly you’re planning to sell the ones with 4-6 clasps? 3 isn’t always enough... Thanks again, loving my necklets! - Meanblondy


Impressive Product
I received the products a couple of days ago and just wanted to reach out and say thank you for how well this was handled, and I am seriously impressed at how rapidly the issue I was having was resolved, and I wish you all the best in the future with the new business. - Patricia


I want to tell you how AMAZING THIS COMPANY IS!! Customer secvice is beyond phenomena! I received 2 rose gold Necklets instead of my order of 1 rose gold and 1 gold and they responded to my email within minutes and are sending me 2 gold ones instead of one for i keep my other rose gold one. The clasps are amazing. I will be sharing the other 2 will friends and family, and wanted everyone to know how great this company is, Happy Holidays! - Anita


Does an amazing necklaces layering job
I bought this and LOVE it. It does an amazing job layering necklaces. But what is genius and why you need to buy it is to save your necklaces form perfume and lotions! After you are done with your “grooming” you just slap these around your neck. - Breadladynyc


mix and match chains  

Different designs including charm necklaces, bar necklaces, and collar chains can be layered on Necklet™ for maximum effect. Include different weights and textures like cable or beaded chain links to draw the eye to the neckline.

statement pieces  

Don’t be afraid to go large with ornate, decorative necklaces. It brings an artistic edge to an outfit. Use Necklet™ to break up statement piece with more delicate necklaces layered in between or above them.

 Long and short styles

Mix up long and short lengths, anything from 14” to 30”, to keep it interesting. Necklet™ creates enough space between each necklace to keep them untangled and it gives each piece room to shine.

delicate and chunky  

Balance oversized chain chokers with more delicate chains on Necklet™. Or go for a longer, chunkier rope necklace and layer with a shorter, delicate necklace. Balance them out with a mid-size piece to pull the whole look together.

mix metals  

Mix metals and stack silver with gold and rose gold. Bright gemstones layered on Necklet™ with colorful beads, polished gold coin necklaces, and metallic chains also create a signature look.

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