Our Favorite Necklaces to Layer in 2019

From layers of gold chains to retro pendants and dainty chokers, layering necklaces has become our favorite way to showcase our favorite fashion picks. With so many statement necklaces to choose from, it can be challenging to pick just one to wear with your outfit of the day. Get inspired by some of our favorite necklaces spotted on Instagram and build your own layered necklace look that speaks for itself this year.

Mix & Match Styles for Every Occasion

Start by playing with texture when you mix and match chain styles. Make sure to choose noticeably different chain styles so each one can shine on its own. These are some of our favorite chain necklaces to layer.

Sicily Herringbone Necklace by Child of Wild

This choker style necklace can serve as your focal point. Pair with a wider chain link necklace for the perfect layer contrast. If you want to take it to the next level, simply add a few pendants to complete your look.

Gold Chunky Chain Necklace by Glamorous

Add some vintage influence to your look with this chunky style. The collarbone length makes it perfect to be paired with other styles to create a unique and intricate look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

24-Inch Chain by Monica Vinader

Complete your three-style mix and match chain necklace look with this precious metal 24-inch chain. The perfect length to become your foundation necklace, add any bright pendant for an extra pop of color or your favorite dainty pendants for an added texture play.

Asher Lariat Necklace by Jane Kaye

If you want a more polished look, add this sophisticated necklace with emeralds set in silver. Its long frame makes it ideal to be worn as a base necklace. Simply pair with two other shorter necklaces to complete your three layered necklace look. 

Kelli Necklace by Bychari

A simple style that can make a lasting impression. The perfect necklace to wear every day, all year long. A little bit edgy, unapologetically bold, and totally fabulous. Perfect for day and night, you can wear this necklace with any other one in your collection and it will still look perfect.


Personalized Necklaces with Pendants

The easiest way to rock the layered necklaces trend in 2019 is by incorporating coin necklaces that build the ultimate foundation style. Let these coin pendants be your focal point and build up from there. Add as many as you want to create an irresistible style.

Baby Warrior Necklace by Shashi

Turn this coin necklace into your main focal point. The adjustable clasp lets you switch from 17-inches to 19-inches to seamlessly change up the style. Its yellow gold hue makes it perfect to be worn all year long with every possible necklace combination you can think of.

Linked Chain & Smooth Coin Necklace by A New Day

Add some shine and versatility to your layered necklace look with this chain. This choker-length cable chain necklace adds a modern touch with an oversized curb chain at the center. Its circular medallion becomes the focal point that can turn an everyday outfit into an Instagram-worthy one.

Coin & Natural Pearl Long Necklace by ETTIKA

The gleaming coin pendants with the romantic natural pearls on this long chain necklace complete any look with an undeniable tropical elegance. Add this long necklace to complete your layered style, perfect for day or night outings when you want to make a lasting impression.

Cursive Letter Charm Necklace by Local Eclectic

When it comes to adding a personalized touch, nothing says unique and special more than a letter necklace. Find your initials and add a short 15'' chain to set the focal point for your layered necklace look. The gleaming gold vermeil from this necklace will add a gleaming and trendy touch to your look. 


Bold Styles that Pop

You don’t have to stay within chains and pendants to create a layered necklace style. Play with different materials to create a truly unique layered necklace style. Think of tassels, conch shells, and acrylic chain links to mix it up and come up with a bold look.

Caicos Statement Necklace by Baublebar

Set your layered necklace look for the ultimate tropical getaway with this unique gold-plated cowrie shell necklace. This choker-style necklace must become your signature piece and a focal point for your outfit. When you’re thinking on what else to add, we’d go for some of the chains in our mix and match selection.

Links Necklace by KNOTTY

Add a bold pop of color with this modern necklace crafted with translucent chain-links. Perfect to match with other chunky styles in longer chains, this necklace style is ideal to pair with your classic white t-shirt and jeans outfit to take it to the next level.

Milda Tassel Necklace by Charming Charlie

Add jewel-tone tassels for the ultimate summertime outfit upgrade. This adorable bib necklace with wooden baubles paired with the colorful tassels gives you a real earthy touch that pulls any outfit together. Pair with shorter dainty pendant necklaces for a complete look.

Tillie Necklace by Olwen

Don't be afraid to add some color to your layered necklace look. For a major statement, try this multi-colored chevron choker that will set the tone for a bolder and more eclectic look. Pair with either gold or silver chains to complete the look. This is the ultimate necklace style for festivals or sunny summer days. 

No matter how you mix and match your necklaces this year, remember to keep it simple. If you don’t know how to get started, follow these guidelines: don’t use more than three necklaces per look, use at least three chain lengths, and don’t forget to pair them with your Necklet to make sure they don’t tangle.