How to Untangle a Necklace

Our worst nightmare is opening our necklace drawer, just to find a giant pile of tangled necklaces. Not to mention, we have a constant fear of our necklaces tangling – especially when we layer them. Whether your necklaces end up tucked away in your handbag or rest atop your vanity, chain necklaces have a way of getting tangled in the most challenging and infuriating ways.

Before you toss your necklaces or lose your mind trying to untangle them, we’ve done some research and have found the best ways to untangle a necklace, so you’ll never have to say goodbye to your favorite pieces ever again. The best part is that you probably already have the items you need to keep your necklaces tangle-free in your cabinet.

Quick Ways to Untangle Necklaces

Some people take their tangled necklaces to a professional jeweler to deal with. While this is acceptable, you don’t always have the time or the money to do so. Here are some quick ways to untangle even the tightest necklaces.

1. Using Baby Oil

This easy-to-follow tip goes back to our grandmothers. Using a cotton swab and baby oil, your necklace will go back to normal in no time. The baby oil helps the chains turn slippery, which makes the knots easier to undo. Massage the knots until you begin to feel them loosen.

Once you’ve untangled your necklace, rinse off the baby oil by washing your chain with a mild soap.

2. With a Straight Pin or Needle

If you can’t seem to loosen the knot, you can use a straight pin or needle to fix it. Grab the pin and insert it into the center of the knot, gently pull up or sideways to separate the chains so that you can untangle the chain. This process takes some time and requires patience. Make sure to keep an eye for catching any openings, as you can break it.

3. Using Baby Powder

Another quick tip to untangle the knot uses baby powder. Sprinkle a little bit over the knot to act as a lubricant. Gently massage the knot to try to separate the chains and untangle the necklace. Once you untangle your knot, make sure to rinse off the baby powder from the necklace using a mild soap.

Tips to Keep in Mind

We can almost guarantee you one of these tips will help you loosen those pesky chain knots. They’re all fool-proof ways to bring your tangled necklaces back to life. However, they’re not magic tricks. To make sure these work, you have to be patient and take the time to gently untangle each knot without breaking the chain.

1. Be Patient

The number one thing to keep in mind is to be patient. Your tangled necklaces may look like a wild mess. However, take a few seconds to look at the mess and figure out how the necklaces are tangled together. Different chain styles will help you identify each necklace, try to start picking them apart as much as you can to find your untangling starting point.

2. Start Unclasping All Necklaces

Before you even start, you have to make sure to unclasp all the necklaces in your pile. Otherwise, the loop of a closed necklace will make it more difficult to pull apart. Unclasping your necklaces will also help you figure out where one chain starts and where it ends.

3. Follow the Beads

If you have beaded necklaces in your pile, start with those. Pearl necklaces or statement necklaces with beads are easier to untangle. Not to mention, they require extra attention as they can be the most fragile to untangle. Pearl necklaces, for example, are not made with chains, but instead strings that can easily break. Starting with the beaded necklaces will also make untangling the chains that much easier.

How to Prevent It

After losing 30-minutes or more untangling your necklaces, the last thing you want happening is them tangling again. Here is when caring for your necklaces in the best way possible becomes so essential. There are many things you can do when storing and wearing them to prevent them from turning into a big pile of chain knots.

1. Store Necklaces Properly

Investing in a pretty necklace hanger is the most important purchase you’ll ever make for your necklaces. Instead of keeping them crumbled together in a box or a bag, try a necklace hanger that will help you keep them separated and untangled. If you have precious necklaces, try to keep them in necklaces boxes with velvet padding to make sure they don’t scratch or tangle easily.

2. Use Necklet

If you love to layer your necklaces, you’re probably familiar with them getting stuck together and tangling forever. To solve this nagging issue, having Necklet in your jewelry box is a life savior. Necklet helps you layer necklaces while preventing them from tangling by separating them at the clasp. This way, you can rock your layered necklace without worrying about them getting tangled.

Now you have a few tricks you can use to untangle them and keep your necklaces safe from those pesky knots. Keep these tips in mind the next time your necklace collection looks like a tangled mess.