Chain Styles

Necklaces come in a variety of designs and chain styles that we adapt to what we're wearing, our personal style, and the latest trends. Necklace chain designs range from chunky, open links, and even shaped links. But, most people don’t realize their favorite necklaces have specific chain styles that can completely change the look of their accessories.

Herringbone Chains

One of the most classic necklace chain styles. Herringbone necklace chains have a sequence of flat, short links placed in an offset pattern. They often feature two or more rows of links, making them chunkier necklaces. Herringbone necklaces lie flat against the skin and are perfect for casual daywear or conservative styles.

Bead Chains

Beads or ball link styles are another classic necklace chain. Imagine the classic military dog tag. This is your bead chain necklace. Bead chains are made with a simple string of silver balls placed together. They often have decorative pendants and also vary in size. Bead necklace chains are similar to a pearl necklace, but in a more casual style, making them perfect for day-to-day outings. 

Box Chains

Box chains look like a series of wide, square cubes connected to form a nice link. Box chains are also known as mirrored box chains. They often bring some sparkle when polished, as their sides can catch and reflect light. Box chain necklaces make a statement by themselves, or you can take them to the next level with pendants.

Rope Chains

Rope chains look like a twisted cable. To create this look, two or more intertwined oval links are combined to make up the spiral chain style. Rope chain links can be thicker or more delicate. Rope chains often feature diamond cuts that add some sparkle, making them perfect for evening wear.

Snake Chains

A snake link chain has a succession of round, curvy metal rings that make up a beautiful, flexible chain. Snake chain styles are often very smooth, bendable, and shiny. Yes, they do look serpent-like, hence the name. Snake chains often come with either a slide pendant or by themselves. They tend to go better with more casual styles since they’re thicker than traditional necklace chains, but they are still versatile enough to be worn at night.

Cable Chains

Cable chain styles are perhaps the most traditional and recognizable style. They feature classic oval rings that intersect at 90-degree angles to create the chain. Cable chains are used for chunky ID necklaces, charm bracelets, and more. Cable chain styles are perfect for layering with other chain styles. They can be extremely delicate when tiny oval rings are used, or more casual as the rings get bigger and bigger. Other styles, such as Figaro chains, Rolo chains, and curb chains are basically variations of the cable chain with minimal differentiators such as the size of the rings, the shape of the rings, and the pendants added to the chains.

Figaro Chains

This style of cable chains alternate circular and rectangular links to make up the Figaro chain necklace style. Usually, you will see a long rectangle or oval link, followed by a set of three or more small round links. While this was popular back in the 90s, they still have a special place among vintage fashion lovers.

Rolo Chains

Rolo necklace chain styles have a very intricate design. Using round interlocked links in alternating patterns, you get a chain with more added texture. Rolo chains are very similar to cable styles but with links that are smaller diameter but thicker than the typical cable chain.

Curb Chains

Similar to the cable chain styles, however, these use uniformly sized oval or round links that have been twisted. They often feature a diamond cut to interlock and be able to lie flat on the skin. They look extremely feminine when they use smaller links and more masculine with larger links.

Anchor Chains

The name says it all. Anchor chains, sometimes called marine chains, feature a nautical design similar to a ship’s anchor chain. They are made with interconnected ovals with a small bar across. Anchor chain necklaces either lie flat or are used to create alternatives to the rolo or cable chains using the nautical links instead of traditional oval links.

Wheat Chains

Featuring a braided pattern using flat and twisted oval links, wheat chains are unique in texture and appearance. Thanks to the braided weave, wheat chain styles are extremely flexible and are often worn by themselves as a decorative motif. They are often formed from four strands of twisted oval links, and unlike other types of necklace chains, they tend to be on the heavier side.

Byzantine Chains

Also known as birdcage chains and King’s braid chains, Byzantine chains use either oval or round links woven together at different angles to create a unique texture and style. Byzantine chains can be found in rounded or flat styles, with link size varying from small to large. Unlike other necklace chains, byzantine is sturdier and shows a more rope-like shape, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Bicycle Chains

Bicycle chains look exactly how they sound, like the chain of a bicycle. For women, bicycle chain links are often smaller to give a modern, elegant fashion option. But, you can still find them on the larger links side. Bicycle chains are for statement makers, no need to add pendants to show them off or add flair to your outfit.

Omega Chains

Omega chains are more of a shiny chain, perfect for those who prefer chain styles that lie flat when worn. Omega chain styles use wide, flattened links tightly fixed together. Both large and small pendants work well with omega chain styles.

Singapore Chains

The Singapore chain has an incredible texture granted by its series of interlinked segments. Very flexible, the Singapore chain is a beautiful twisted chain that’s durable and strong. Its delicate style makes it a top choice for small pendants. The versatility of the chain makes it perfect for daily wear.

In the end, choosing your necklace chain is all about your preference, your style, and how the chain is being used. Necklace chains styles are the core of your favorite necklaces, determining if their style is either feminine, casual, or formal. No matter what necklace chain style you use, you can count on Necklet to keep them detangled and organized.